About us – the 3-star Asian Ruby Central hotel Le Thanh Ton

About us – the 3-star Asian Ruby Central hotel Le Thanh Ton

With 12 years of experience in hospitality and Real estate, the owner of 3-star Asian Ruby Central Hotel Saigon, Kevin, has owned 4 hotels in Ho Chi Minh City.

Originally from the Northern part of Vietnam, he started his own business in hospitality years ago in Hue, Hanoi before moving his major business to Ho Chi Minh City. After managing different hotels under different brand name, he has decided to invest in his own Ho Chi Minh Hotel booking under Asian Ruby brand name with his wife. The 3-star Hotel is one of the unique hotels which providing professional yet personable services and comfortable accommodation in Le Thanh Ton street, District 1, which is just 5-minute walk to the Ben Thanh market.

Used to study in Canada for Construction, Kevin has applied a lot of practical experience and ideal for building his own Asian Ruby hotels in Ho Chi Minh City.  The 3-star Asian Ruby Central Hotel is one of the hotels which he had spent most of his time and effort in re-designing and renovating since he took over from the previous owner.

During the free time, his passion is charity. One part of the 3-star Asian Ruby Central Hotel’s success is to donate to the Pagodas along Vietnam, India & Myanmar, which, in return, investing in Education and Health care for unlucky small children and old people.